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Our Mission

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Our Mission

It is our mission to one day end the suffering caused by neurodegenerative diseases. Every day we strive for better therapies. We question the unquestioned, always in search of new solutions.

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Who we are

Amylyx is a pharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that is dedicated to the development of potential therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. We pursue unconventional approaches through lasting partnerships with industry leaders, scientists, doctors, and research organizations.

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Where we began

It all started as a curious dorm room inquiry at Brown University in 2013. After learning that neurodegenerative disease is the result of neuronal death, Amylyx co-founder Josh Cohen couldn't help but ask himself one simple question: "Why do neurons die?" It seemed like such an obvious starting point yet the solution was nowhere to be found.

After poring over an extensive supply of research, Josh and a classmate, co-founder Justin Klee, posed that question — and started the journey of uncovering the answers. Overcoming obstacle after obstacle, contracting with lab after lab, and formulating test after test, they eventually accumulated sufficient data to pursue the next steps.

In the years since, their partnership has transformed into Amylyx, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company with the same curiosity and resilience as the day our company began. That simple question considered back in 2013 has led to a clinical reality — a new investigational product, AMX0035, currently in clinical development for the treatment of both amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Alzheimer's disease.

Our path to progress

See the strides we've made since we were founded in 2013.

Our origin story

In this episode of Vital Science, our co-founders Justin and Josh revisit the company's humble beginnings.

Our Values
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Latest News

Built on Connections

The way we can move critical medicines forward is by doing so together — because true collaboration can change the course of a thought or an idea, or even the development of a therapy. Through strategic collaborations, patient-centric clinical trial design, and the sharing of ideas with open outreach, we can make a lasting impact in the neurodegenerative disease community.

Be the change

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Be the change

We've made some great strides in a short amount of time, but the work has just begun. If you'd like to join us in our mission, you can learn more about our culture and open positions below.